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A good sales consultant can significantly increase turnover and profitability and ensure the correct sales systems and procedures are in place.

Conversely, an extremely poor sales consultant will undoubtedly cost you time,possibly your company’sreputation and worse still the loss of cold hard cash.

At perrypreston.co.uk we want our time spend together to be an easy, exciting, and enjoyable experience, to that end our pricing structure is very straight forward and non-complicated.

Option 1


For an agreed success outcome fees are paid on the achievement of an agreed outcome or targets gained. e.g. Sales exceeding one million in one year. The fee can be either a percentage based figure or lump sum.

A minimum commitment fee is payable upon commencement date (and on accomplished stagecompletions, if agreed). The commitment fees charged will then be deducted from the final fee, to ensure clients only pay the agreed success outcome fees that were agreed.

Option 2


Day rates are charged for general consultancy and for an on-going assignment basis and are agreed with the client in advance.

Option 3


Commission only is simply an agreed figure or percentage paid to us on the successful sales result gained by us on your behalf. e.g.£5000 sold @ 10% commission = £500.00 payable

Option 4


We agree the frame of the assignment, we will agree the time scales to be delivered by and if we don’t succeed in full by the time and date agreed we will keep coming back until you are completed satisfied.

For more information please contact one of our Business Experts who will be more than happy to discuss any aspect in more detail.

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